About Us

Mount Vernon Trail Builders (MVTB) began building trails at Little Mountain Park (LMP) in May of 2009.  In our seven years as MVTB our volunteers put in more than 14,000 volunteer hours – and built seven miles of sustainable multi-use trails.

But before the work could begin we had to earn the opportunity.  Without a heartfelt show of support for trails at public meetings our work would not have happened.  Getting friends and neighbors to attend public meetings to show support for trails is essential.  That type of effort almost a decade ago produced a trail centric vision for Little Mountain Park, and the work.

But things change, Mount Vernon Trail Builders is now Skagit Trail Builders and we are working with Skagit County Parks and Recreation.  As we start over we will need your help, showing your support for local trails…

Skagit County Parks and Recreation is currently updating their Comprehensive Plan.  Attending these meetings to support trails is very important!  Please visit our blog post for meeting details…  We hope to see you there!

As in the past, we will build primarily multi-use trails for hikers, runners, and mountain bikers.  There will be exceptions, like hiking and nature trails, but our focus will be on shared use trails that accommodate the most users.

Our goal continues to be building and connecting trails to surrounding parks, neighborhoods, schools, and downtowns.  This will help residents of Skagit County and its visitors to walk, run, and bike for fun, recreation, transportation, and health.

The following video came to us as a gift, it was created “many” years ago.  And while it is “old” we love it, we feel it shows who we are.

Thanks for visiting our new website!