About Us

Skagit Trail Builders (STB) evolved out of Mount Vernon Trail Builders (MVTB).  Our work at Little Mountain Park (LMP) began in May of 2009.  In seven years MVTB amassed more than 14,000 volunteer hours, building seven miles of sustainable multi-use trails.

Of equal importance, before the work could begin, we needed to earn the opportunity by advocating for trails.  We encouraged our friends, families and the community to attend public meetings – showing support for trails.  That effort almost a decade ago produced a trails-oriented vision for Little Mountain Park, which our volunteers then built.

But things change, the City of Mount Vernon considers Little Mountain Park built out. While we hope the Heart of the Park (HOP) Public Trails Facility and Bicycle Skills Park comes to fruition, we decided to move on.  Discontinuing our relationship with the City was a difficult decision.  Little Mountain Park in an amazing resource, unfortunately we could not find a way to continue our work.  When our effort at Little Mountain ended a new group was formed, they are called Little Mountain Trail Builders (or LMTB).

A handful of us, some of MVTB’s former leadership, are working on a new trails plan.  We’re doing the “behind the scenes” work that must be completed before our volunteers can go back to work building trails.

We hope to have volunteers back to work within a year.  We’re doing the preparatory work that we trust will allow us to build trails on County, Port, and DNR lands.  If this all goes as we hope we will be building a regional trail system in Sedro-Woolley, one that uses the Northern State Recreation Area (NSRA) as a trail-head — to access DNR lands.

If you support more local trails we hope you’ll spread the word.  Something like this doesn’t happen on its own – we’ll need “visible public support!”

Please follow our blog posts for the details...

As in the past, we will continue to build primarily multi-use trails – which are trails for hikers, runners, and mountain bikers.  Our goal is to build and connect trails to parks, neighborhoods, schools and down-towns.  This will help the residents of Skagit County and its visitors to walk, run, and bike for fun, recreation, transportation, and health.

The following video came to us as a gift, it’s “very old” (and was created when we were still MVTB), but we love it.  It shows who we were, and STB will be . . .

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